Modern Supports Ken's Foods Filling Operations

Jeff Murzycki, Director of Corporate Engineering at Ken's Foods, shares how Modern Packaging became a trusted partner for cup filling systems. Ken's Foods has been a Modern customer for a long time, but in recent years their cup filling operations have grown significantly. Today, Ken's has 12 Modern filler-packers throughout their four facilities that have all been installed over the last 8 years. "Modern's customer service, their passion for design, their passion for working with the customers is really what sets them apart from other equipment manufacturers in their field," said Jeff. Watch to learn more about how Modern's partnership with Ken's Foods has supported their operations.

From 1958 until present day, we've grown to four manufacturing sites across the country and 1,100 employees. We are most renowned for Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce. That's been the predominant growth engine for Ken's Foods over the last two decades. The culture of Ken's is really what's driven a lot of our growth over the years, and we've found that that truly aligns with the culture of Modern. They will sit down and they will walk through the entire project with you and they talk every little detail. Nothing's taken for granted, and it's refreshing.

I always felt that a good product is going to take us somewhere. So, design is the most important thing. Honesty in design and manufacturing was the driving force. We also had a philosophy that every customer has to be our reference. If we can do that, then we will always be in business. We currently have 12 Modern filler-packers throughout our four facilities doing various products and those have all been within the last 8 years. When we look for suppliers, we look for high-quality, solidly-engineered robust systems with good service and support and, ultimately, long-term relationships. Ken's is very loyal to their suppliers. I want to say it was around 2013, we went down to their Long Island facility and saw some of the equipment they were making. Again, getting back to that rock-solid engineering, ruggedly designed, robust but precise fillers. That's what won us over. Being impressed with what we saw, we bought a few, and the rest is history. We've been buying ever since.