Integrated Cup Filler System Add-on Equipment

Modern's selection of add-on equipment is for those customers who require more than just a filler for their operation. Integrated add-on equipment is available to ensure that products are safely filled and sealed. Heat-sealing is available and includes roll stock and pre die cut heat sealing, film with registration seal, hot pack sealing, and retort packaging sealing. Overcapping and dome capping is also an option add-on.

Add-On equipment can be used to fill and seal a wide variety of products, including:

  • Dry
  • Liquid
  • Semi-viscous
  • Viscous

View our add-on solutions here for any additional solutions that may be needed.

Modern offers custom automatic cup heat-sealing options that can be integrated with filling systems or designed as standalone systems.

Modern offers custom overcapping and dome capping packaging machinery. Overcaps and dome caps are used to seal a second product into the lid of a package, creating a second compartment.