Custom Inline Fillers

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Working with customers to provide a custom filling solution is Modern's specialty. With over 1,000 machines in the field that were custom-built for projects that need certain speed, output, and/or design requirements, customers choose Modern for any custom filling project. Modern can accommodate virtually any filling need and has worked with both large and small companies to design fillers that fit their requirements. With more than 30 years of experience working with customers in the food, dairy, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical industry, Modern can design and manufacture a filling solution for you.

Click the "Request More Information" button to the right to contact a sales representative. We will assess your product and specifications and tailor a solution specifically for your needs.

  • Single or Multiple Lane Filling
  • Servo Driven Machine
  • Filling Speeds 30-600 cups/min
  • Filling Capacity 1oz.- 5lb
  • No-Drip Cut Off Nozzle
  • Roll Stock Heat Sealing
  • Pre Die Cut Heat Sealing
  • Over Capping Station
  • Dimensions: 8ft x 3ft or 9.5 x 3ft
  • Cup Dispenser / Denesting

Every machine is custom configured to meet the unique application requirements for each and every project. Numerous considerations such as product viscosity, upstream and downstream, and more factor into the filling solution we can provide. Here are common configurations we build for our customers:

SL1 Series: Single index filling machine with stations from 1 - 16 lanes.

  • SL1 series options include a single filler with up to 16 lanes. 1x1 fills 30-40 cups per minute and is ideal for start-ups or those with lower speed production goals. Lanes can increase to 16 lanes, ideal for higher production goals
  • Efficient and low maintenance while providing high output

SL2 Series: Double index filling machine with stations from 1 - 16 lanes.

  • SL2 series provides dual fillers with up to 16 lanes, doubling the output.
  • Efficient and ideal for operations where space is a constraint
  • Clean in place (CIP)
  • Sanitize in place (SIP)
  • HEPA Filtration System
  • Inline Coding
  • Ultra Clean: Custom to your requirements or project scope, contact for more details
  • Aseptic: Custom to your requirements or project scope, contact for more details
  • Our fillers can accommodate coding and traversing equipment required for production
  • Overcapping: pick and place, roller feed, and more

Filling Capabilities for:

  • Condiment Cup (1/4 oz to 2 oz)
  • Single Serve Cup (4 oz to 8 oz)
  • Retail Cup (8 oz to 32 oz)
  • Bulk/Family (3lb to 10lb)