Modern Packaging Company Overview

Modern's customer service, their passion for design, and their passion for working with the customers is really what sets them apart from other equipment manufacturers in their field. From a ProMach perspective, there are a lot of reasons for the success of Modern. One of the most unique things about Modern is the tremendous loyalty and confidence from their customer base. This has been built up over a lot of years through successful machine development, project execution and aftersales service. Modern has been so successful because of the technology and the people.

The machine should run always, without stoppage. This is why we make sure that our frame design, our drive design, and each of the functions — the cup denester or filling or sealing and capping — these are individually addressed so we get the highest repeatability. Our engineering team is amazing and they work together to come up with solutions with the customers to find out exactly what their needs are.

Modern Packaging is a gamechanger in the cup and tray filling world. We offer solutions for challenging product applications in demanding production environments. It all started with our co-founders Zaki Hossain and Jerry Dabek, who created the first Modern Packaging system 33 years ago.

We are dedicated to serving our customers with the best tried-and-true packaging solutions for their product applications. Our team focuses on design and engineering to ensure your machine will run reliably every day.