Dressings + Sauces Condiment Cup & Tray Filling

Filling and sealing systems for salad dressings and sauce products including ketchup and mustard.

Each of the machines in the SL series is available to meet the unique needs of condiment and sauce producers. The SL series machines offer configurations from one to sixteen lanes, depending on the production rate requirements. Our condiment packaging machines feature cup dispensing, filling, roll stock or pre die cut heat sealing.

The condiment filling and sealing systems for condiments is designed for a variety of condiments and sauces. They can run at low or high speeds, feature highly accurate filling and heat sealing capabilities for customers in the condiment and sauce industry.

Our condiment packaging machines feature available options such as: Clean in Place, Load Cell Check Weighing Stations, Automatic Case Packing and more!

Working with a broad range of customers, we provide machinery for all liquid or viscous condiments, dips, dressings. These condiment cup sealers are designed to meet USDA and 3A dairy.

Modern is the Industry Leader for Filling Condiments

Modern SL Series filling systems are specially created for condiment size & sauce cup filling capabilities. SL features filling speeds from 30 cups per minute up to 600 cups per minute, and Modern works closely with customers to create a filling machine that is tailored to their production goals and filling needs for producers of condiments.